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The Bolinger Family Story:

We would like to introduce Sarah and Andrew Bolinger to our Deep Creek Families and potential Deep Creek Families.  Sarah is our niece.  Sarah and Andrew are graduates of Purdue University.  After graduation they married and returned to Andrew's family farm.  They currently reside in North Manchester area with their 3 darling children.  Their farm consists of cattle, sheep and chickens.  They are active in their local farmers market selling custom beef, lamb and eggs.  They have a thriving homestead.  Sarah also is a Soil Scientist for the local area.  Andrew helps manage Letsinger Farms.  Sarah and Andrew have been whelping Rosie's and Pearl's litter the past 2 years.  They have done an excellent job with rearing and socializing the puppies.  Their boys truly love the puppies and helping care and play with them daily.  Sarah and Andrew will be working to take over the Deep Creek Aussiedoodle Operation.  We will continue to mentor and help them along the way to ensure the care and quality that Deep Creek was founded on will continue.  Please welcome Sarah, Andrew, Harvey, Kendall and Aubrey to the Deep Creek Family!

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