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Guardian Home Program

Here at Deep Creek Aussiedoodles, we continue to strive to produce the highest quality puppies for our customers.  In order to expand our program, we are offering the opportunity for families to join our Guardian Home Program.


 Our goal for each of our breeding dogs it to be loved as family pets.   Qualified families will receive a FREE puppy or dog, while we retain the breeding rights.

In order for our program to be sustained, we must place new puppies to our line of breeding dogs as needed.  These puppies will be placed in hand picked Guardian Homes where they can be loved and live as family pets in loving environments.  

Please check back frequently or feel free to contact us if your family is interested in being considered for our program.  Guardian Homes must be located within 1-2 hours driving distance from our residence.  

We will update our website when we have a puppy or dog we are considering placing.  

Available:  Luna

One of our female breeding dogs is currently available to be placed into a permanent Guardian Home!  Please contact us to apply to be a Guardian Home and for more information.  Thank you!

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