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All About Moyen Poodles

All About Moyen Poodles


What is a Moyen or Klein Poodle?


Moyen means “medium” in French and refers to the fourth size of poodle which was created and recognized in Europe.  You may also hear the term “Klein” which is a German term also referring to this size poodle.  In the US a Moyen poodle would be 15-20” tall and 15-35lbs.  


Is a Moyen Poodle a good family pet?


Yes!  Moyen poodles are excellent family dogs.  They are small enough for apartment, RV or home life.  They enjoy lounging on the couch or going out side on adventures.  They often excel at performance sports.  The breeds intelligence and size make them excellent service dog candidates for people that do not require assistance from a larger breed dog.  They are also excellent therapy dogs for schools, hospitals, and assisted living homes.  Moyen Poodles also make great traveling companions due to their size.  


How often do Moyen Poodles need groomed?


Moyen Poodles have a hypoallergenic coat, meaning their curly coat trap any hair that would otherwise fall to the ground.  Expect some coat maintenance and brushing and trip to the groomer every 6-8 weeks.  


What colors do Moyen Poodles come in?


Here at Deep Creek, expect merle, merle phantom, black and brown phantom and parti color poodles.  Basically a kaleidoscope of colors!

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